15 Most Amazing Tiny Homes

15 Most Amazing Tiny Homes

Looking for the perfect tiny home design? Want to get creative about it? Well why not check out 15 of the Most Amazing Tiny Homes to get some bright ideas?!

Tiny homes are growing in popularity all the time. They just make so much sense on so many practical levels theyre inexpensive to build, easy to plant anywhere, and they give you a guilt-free conscience when it comes to environmental footprints. Building a house with a small amount of square footage brings out the creative genius in every carpenter. We cant believe all of the brilliant space-saving tiny houses weve seen so far, but we know there are many more brilliant designs to come and here are just 15 of them!

Take a look at the Tumble Weed Home its bright, cheerful orange with white trim will make you smile on a rainy day. And it even has two levels and a gabled roof! There are plenty of windows and even a front porch. Hows that for charm and character? It almost looks like a cute little doll house but people actually live inside it!

And what about the Mini Cabin? Is that a cozy sleeping nook or what? Lots of warm nesting possibilities for this unique shape too. Just peeking in the doorway makes us want to take a nap.

And then theres the elaborate, modern 800 square foot tiny home wow, this one looks like its got plenty of room. With a wrap-around deck, front and back doors, and an abundance of windows, its light and bright and big enough for the whole family.

And we certainly cant miss the huge white egg. Hows that for an original home? Every morning when you step outside, youd feel like youve just been hatched anew!

For more of the 15 Most Amazing Tiny Homes and more beautiful photos, please check out the DIY Cozy Home website, below.

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