14 Tiny Houses That Make Simple Living Stylish

14 Tiny Houses That Make Simple Living Stylish

These amazing photos from Mashable of 14 tiny houses that make simple living stylish will have you dreaming up plans for your own tiny house. These houses are all vastly different and yet each one seems to be uniquely and creatively designed to perfectly match its surroundings. This list includes incredible transformations of repurposed converted buses and trailers and sleek futuristic looking cabins, along with more traditional wood cabins.

The first tiny house on this list that really caught my attention was the Redaction House in Wisconsin. The word redaction means to edit by removing or censoring pieces of text. As it was applied to this wildly unique tiny house the redaction process involved carefully designing a home to occupy a narrow tract of land that had previously been deemed unsuitable for development. Built in the midst of suburbia, this eye catching home is quite a sight to behold. The incredible work of architects Brian Johnsen and Sebastian Schmaling is aesthetically pleasing inside and out, highly functional and ecologically responsible. This home uses locally sourced wood and brick and incorporates green design features such as a green roof, soy based foam insulation and storm water capture in an on site rain garden. Johnsen Schmaling Architects have received extensive praise, awards and recognition for their innovative work, which has been displayed in galleries and museums around the globe.

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To learn more about these stylish tiny houses and see this gorgeous series of photos, visit the website link below to the Mashable website.

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