14 Breathtaking Photos That Sum up the Essence of Cabin Life

14 Breathtaking Photos That Sum up the Essence of Cabin Life

Log cabin living is living in luxury while staying grounded and these log Cabins: Classic To Contemporary show us the vast variety of different log-built cabins out there in the world. Each of them precious in their own, unique way, these cabins show that logs as building materials can be so versatile in the structures that they can be utilized to create. There are of course the historic type of log cabins, the type of log cabin that was being built before people even immigrated from Europe to North America. These sweet little cabins, some of them which still exist today, were built primarily for housing purposes, to shelter families across the land. Then, in the 1900s, they began to become more intricate and expansive in their designs, leading up to the Adirondack and mid-century styles of log cabins that you can still find today.

This list of classic to contemporary log homes, showcases some of the most beautiful log homes out there, revealing the uniqueness of each of these different structures. You will see stunning photos of log cabins like Camp Topridge, located in the Adirondacks, which was created by Marjorie Merriweather Post who was the founder of General Mills cereal brand. What a gorgeous and unique looking cabin, with the stone work on the lower half creating a port for the boats to tie up under. The trees used in the construction, some of them were left with their branches still intact, creating a very whimsical feel to the cabin, which could be considered a mansion.

Of course, there are the simpler cabins like the twelfth log cabin, painted a striking, bright colour of red. This cabin built in the 1950s shows a more modest approach to a recreational log cabin then many of the other cabins in this list. What's not to love about the simplicity of this log cabin, with it's dock on the lake, and the log-built swing set and the Adirondack chairs painted the vibrant red, to match the cabin. You will also see more modern looking cabins like the one in the fourth photo down, built all out of beautiful, amber coloured logs, with the floor to ceiling windows that modernize the log cabin and the tall cathedral ceilings that make it seem larger than it is. This log cabin is also a very modestly built structure, with such a beautiful ambiance that could be enjoyed for weeks, maybe months on end if given the chance.

You can also take a look at some of the more coastal log cabins, like the cabin in the second photo, a boathouse with beautiful darkly stained siding and natural wood balcony railings arranged in a unique pattern. Right on the water with a large wrap around dock, this log cabin looks like it would be such a lovely place to visit, and enjoy some canoeing and boating out on the water. This log cabin located at Camp Chipmunk on Lake Placid, in the state of New York, a unique log cabin indeed. The Oregon log cabin in the photo below shows how long a log cabin can stand when taken care of properly. This cabin has been standing since 1933, and is still in very fine form. Again, beautiful darker coloured logs and then it also has some beautiful masonry craftsmanship on the chimney stack, which adds to the charm of this old log cabin. When you see how different log cabins can be, you realize there could be a different design for every different person! Have a look at the photos and be amazed!

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