$13,800 Groovy Far Out Little Log Cabin with Floor Plans to See

$13,800 Groovy Far Out Little Log Cabin with Floor Plans to See

The Bertsch Glasgow 70mm Wall Log Cabin is an easy way to build your own log cabin affordably. Many people are choosing to build small log homes and cabins to avoid the high costs of large log homes. Building a log home is a big commitment and investment, especially if the size of the log home is larger than 1500 square feet. Some large log homes can reach sizes of up to 5000 square feet or more, and there are also log built chalets and resorts built at ski and snowboarding destinations that can quite easily cost more that a million dollars for the whole log home building process. For most people, the budget is not available for them to be able to fun a large log home build, but for those who are happy with just simple, small log homes, there are many options and possibilities to choose from.

Small log homes are actually what most people built in historic times when they were first coming to settle in the Americas. Usually, small log homes and cabins were built as a dwelling for people as they built their larger homes, or their barns. The design was very simple, with no poured foundation, usually just a wooden or dirt style floor. There was no proper fire place or mantle in these smaller log homes and they were usually built very similarly to wood cabins that we see being used for recreational use these days. The Swedish style cabins were built by Swedish people who settled on the land in the 1600s, and the first log homes were built by the Delaware River. Some log homes built in that time were also able to be built and then reassembled at another different location if the people had to move. The pioneers of that time would move to where they felt was the next best place to be assessing the land in the different places they traveled to.

Wood cabins like this Bertsch Glasgow which is 4.25m x 6.0m in its foot print, are a great size to add a new additional room to your property and build your own log cabin. Many people use these smaller log cabin units as a guest space to host people when they come for a long visit or as an additional bedroom for the growing children in the household. Instead of adding onto the house and having to totally renovate, the log cabin from Simply Log Cabins provides a great way for people to get that extra space without having to apply for building permits and spend a lot of money on renovations. The small log homes can be assembled in as little time as a weekend, with a few people working on it. All of the logs and materials in the log home building kit are included and are also usually labeled for ease of assembly, doors and windows are also included, as well as the roofing material.

Other uses for these great wood cabins, are a home gym that you can put all of your workout equipment in and work out in the comfort of your own home. These small wood cabins can also be used as a home office space, or a home studio for arts and crafts or music. They also make great meditation rooms or reading rooms for people who just need a little sanctuary in their back yard. As you will see this small log cabin from Simply Log Cabins even has a nice little patio space off the front of it, which would be a lovely place to relax at a bistro set enjoying some lunch and the surrounding views. Check out many more log cabin floor plans on the Simply Log Cabins website. *

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