1296 sq ft Log Cabin Home Kit For $22,950

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1296 sq ft Log Cabin Home Kit For $22,950

Have you ever had a dream of building your very own log home, one that you and your family could live in for years to come? This 1296 sq ft Log Cabin Home Kit For $22,950 on eBay might just give you the chance you have been dreaming of. For so long, log homes and structures have been a part of our architecture. Log homes have actually been being built since ancient times. People have known for centuries that trees are a very sacred, and very beneficial part of our life on Earth. Not only do trees provide homes and shelter for animals, they also are able to do this for humans as well. Using the tree trunk and manufacturing them into logs, makes them usable in many different contexts. Did you know that logs have the highest thermal mass out of all building supplies? You may not have known this, but it is true. This is because logs grow with a natural insulation right within them, and then, when they are linked together in an air tight way, they allow the home to keep its heat inside when the colder weather comes, yet it remains cool in the hotter summer weather as well. It goes to show that nature provides us with some very amazing tools.

This 1296 sq ft Log Cabin kit, is a brand new kit being sold on eBay for a very good price. The house is called the Hall Fork log home, and as you can see, it is a very large home so $20,000 doesn't seem like it would be that much to purchase it. It comes with all of the pieces in the kit, the blue print plans and instructions, the package has never been opened. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this house offers the potential buyer plenty of space for a family home, or even for a recreational property. One of the bedrooms is on the main floor, accompanying the kitchen, living room, dining room, as well as a laundry room, which is convenient. The upstairs level has the other two bedrooms with another full bathroom, and a loft sitting area that over looks the main floor. Featuring gorgeous high cathedral ceilings, this home looks and feels really large! There also looks like there is a great porch and deck on the home, perfect for lounging and barbecues. Overall its a great looking house, and would be a pleasure to call home.

The logs are D cut, white pine logs, and the kit builds the shell of the home. You can build the home yourself, with assistance for others, or you can hire them to build it for you on your site. Keep in mind that this is just for the shell of the home, and isn't a turn key house, where everything is finished and ready to move into. The buyer still has to finish the interior, and get electric and plumbing outfitted in the home. Many people think that a log home kit means that you will be left with a finished home, ready to go, when it is erected, but usually it just is the shell of the home that is included with log home kits. The company selling through ebay also has many other log home kits available for sale, and they provide a number which you can call to talk about more plans. This might just be a good way to go about getting a log home for a very affordable price. This company only ships in the United States as well, which is a good thing to know. Check out the photos and see who is bidding and watching it on eBay. There are many other log home kits available on eBay as well. Have a look and see what you think!

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