1250 Sqft Western Red Log Cabin with MUST SEE Floor Plans

1250 Sqft Western Red Log Cabin with MUST SEE Floor Plans

Recently, this amazing and bold 1250 Sqft Western Red Log Cabin was the feature display at Sitkas home show in February 2007 (at BC Place). It was the show-stopper, and rose elegantly above the many attendees of the event. Everyone that came got to see the mastercrafted home up close and wonder in amazement how they were able to construct and transport such a majestic home. The musst-see floor plans included a loft offered the shows visitors the chance to see for themselves the fine workmanship that goes into building these majestic log homes. A special and uniquely important fact is the way they collect the wood to build these homes is by using "specially certified" or dead wood logs (like blown over trees or lightning stuck trunks), therefore the way of harvesting felled trees is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. This handcrafted log home was made of wood killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. When the beetles eat and eventually kill the tree, the aftermath turns the tree trunk a unique blue tinge, but still leaves the wood structurally sound. So Sitka Log Homes took the opportunity and put the blueish timber to good use.

Completely finishing a log house within a show venue was be a challenge, said John Johnson, of Sitka Log Homes. We only had 8 days to set the house up and have it looking ready to move right into, then after the show was over everything had to be loaded up and moved out of BC Place in only 2 days. But it appears to all be worth it as Sitka ended up selling log home in only a few hours after the show opened!

When using natural resources in building homes or cabins, like the use of logs, the designs will be unique as homes will never be the same as each log is different. Even different wood types have varying colors and scents. With such a vast array of available finishes, and many custom features available to personalize your home, everything from the floors and even up on the roof as wooden shingles can be customized! Sitka Log homes has a wonderful gallery of photos about this marvelous log home, and you can see them all when you click the link below. Take a peek, as maybe it will motivate you to buy your own log home and move to a relaxing property - all from being inspired by Sitka!

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