12×24 Tiny House In Oklahoma Cost ~$10,000 To Build

12×24 Tiny House In Oklahoma Cost ~$10,000 To Build

You'll be inspired by how this 12×24 Tiny House In Oklahoma Cost ~$10,000 To Build! This young metro couple has built their dream tiny house with a state of the art tiny house design and some determination. They made their countertop and got some stain and sanded it. Corey and Jill Hogue built their tiny house on a budget, and they have some great tiny house design tips that you would likely find in any home improvement store.One of the walls in the tiny house is made out of recycled pallets. They also added a sliding door they thought was pretty cool. The tiny house has all the necessities they need. They also have extra space for family members, both big and small, with room enough for their dog. They feel that the tiny house is perfect for them. The layout of the tiny house is just 12 feet by 24 feet. It’s a simple tiny house design; that is just 288 square feet below, with a loft that adds another 120 square feet.

The couple compares the house to that of little house on of the prairie, but rather tiny house on the plains. There might not be a lot of space. But this couple has found their knack for turning small into posh. They have enjoyed the process of choosing what is important and putting it in the tiny house and giving away the rest of the stuff they don't need. They got their floor plan online and then made too many trips to the hardware store to buy supplies. Then with the help of their family, the couple was able to build the tiny home themselves at a price tag of around $10,000. They want to live a simple life. They say the tiny house downsize will take some getting used to. But that having no mortgage payment has made things a lot easier to deal with. They are proud of what they have accomplished.

The couple has a friend that is now ready to join the tiny house life. And they are proof that dream houses can come in a variety of sizes. Building your tiny home, is an accomplishment, there's nothing quite like the feeling of it. The Hogues are just one example of people who have downsized into a tiny house. The best reward for them is having no mortgage to pay, a good trade off for building something of your own, and a lesson in living more simply.

If you are looking for tiny house ideas and inspirations, you will find lots of information available wherever you look. You will find such a wide variety of designs, sizes and plans out there, that its easy to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the choices. But not to worry, its normal to like more than one design, you might want to keep a vision board, or sketchbook with printouts, details, notes and ideas that you can look back to, time and time again. Eventually, you will feel more drawn to one tiny house design over another. It also helps to speak to other small house owners, tiny house builders. You might even consider going on a tiny house vacation; it's a great way to see what tiny house living is like and if it's something you can do. With small house living and tiny house living being more popular than ever, there has never been a more exciting time to be interested in tiny house living, what you give up on space you definitely will gain in design and style. You will also enjoy looking at all the different tiny house designs, and be surprised on how each one is more unique from the last. Just because a house is small doesn't mean it lacks in design.

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