12 Tiny Dream Homes You Wont Believe

12 Tiny Dream Homes You Wont Believe

Tiny homes are becoming more popular to be people's dream homes over the larger houses that everyone envisioned as the American dream. Here are 12 Tiny Dream Homes You Wont Believe! Tiny homes are making quite a wave in residential architecture, and people are seeing that you can still have the home of your dreams at a lesser square footage and more affordable price tag. The tiny homes in this post are all very beautiful and each have a look and essence all their own. It's so inspiring to see other people living the tiny house dream, and we get to be inspired by their actions!

This post even has one of my favourite prefabricated homes in it, the second home in the post, 'The Escape' by Canoe Bay. I love that it is so simple and spacious, it would be great starter home too when you buy a property and just need something to live in right away. The cabin even passes for an RV so you can avoid property taxes. It is 400 square feet which is large enough but not too large and costs only $124,000. The other very impressive structures are the Eryn sphere hotel tiny structures. They are set in the rainforest on Vancouver Island in Canada, and you can stay in one for $230 per night.

Or the sweet shipping container house that is 320 square feet in San Antonio, Texas, with an amazing roof top garden that not only looks pretty, but helps to keep the temperatures low in the hot heat of day. The small space is well organized making it feel bigger than it is. The gypsy house built out of recycled materials is just darling and so cozy on the inside! All of these places are just too sweet! You must have a look through them! Head over to 'Home Garden Vibes' by clicking the link in the description below for more tiny house fun!

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