12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Deep Fry

12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Deep Fry

Who doesn’t like something deep fried from time to time? It’s the crispy outside with something delicious and often soft or gooey on the inside that creates fireworks in your mouth, excites your taste buds, and leaves you feeling gluttonous but just soooo good. Its that guilty pleasure that you act upon when you do end up splurging out on fried foods - let’s be honest here, we all know we’ve been there, done that, and loved every moment with that greasy, fried, definitely not-good-for-you snack or meal…but was it ever delicious.

Fried foods will always be on the menu it seems – whether dressed up or dressed down, you’ll find something wherever you go. From classic French fries to crispy fried calamari, how about fried rustic root chips, or perfectly stuffed fried baby zucchini blossoms. My point is that fried foods doesn't always have to mean fast food or junk food. There are many five-star restaurants, white tablecloth establishments that will definitely serve something fried up – its because we all seem to love it. Fat, sugar, and salt – the trio we need, love, but often do not moderate…just enough.

These days there is more on the different foods that one can fry. It’s become almost a culture in itself- what can and cannot be fried. We’ve all see and heard of fried chocolate bars, ice cream, pickles, and then the not so adventurous, veggies, pasta, so on and so forth. I just recently came across a site that listed some new foods that definitely caught my attention. A list of twelve different foods that you didn’t think you could fry. I liked the strawberry idea, the quail, and the mac and cheese. I’ve actually tried the mac and cheese and its amazing!! Definitely worth a try! The fried green chilis also are great – a perfect snack to serve over margaritas. Go on and check it out, you might just get some great ideas for your next picnic party or games night. Happy frying! Cheers!

Pasta deep fried, yum! Most of us are familiar with pasta dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, or fettuccine alfredo, but deep frying it is a whole new thing to look forward to. The nature of a baked pasta is that it solidifies after a day. While it's not too much work to restore it with more sauce, but you can also try something new with it. Of course, the answer lies in deep frying. Take your day old mac and cheese, for example. Cut the day old mac into squares, dredge each piece in breadcrumbs and deep fry for a crispy, crunchy cube of cheesy gooey perfection. You will be so glad that you still had leftovers, this new creation won't last long. Pasta is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first origins dating back to 1154 in Sicily. It is also commonly used to refer to a wide variety of pasta dishes. Most dried pasta varieties are commercially produced via an extrusion process.

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