12 Creative And Highly Unique Recycling Projects

12 Creative And Highly Unique Recycling Projects

In our busy lives we sometimes forget to slow down and take notice of all the fun and unique items, we are so quick to throw away. Some people have that imaginative and inventive spirit, and are capable of producing "12 Creative And Highly Unique Recycling Projects."

Some of us just need a little inspiration or motivation, and instead of throwing things away when we think we are finished, we can repurpose them into something unique and beautiful. It really changes the way you think of stuff when you see what other people can do with recycling projects. We really do live in a disposable society where we are quick to get rid of things when they break, or are no longer shiny and new.In some parts of the world people would be astounded with what we throw away, some things are practically new, but if they get a little crack or break down, out it goes. While in other parts of the world, people learn how to fix and repurpose things and get proper use of them, till there is no other option.

Taking a look at the recycling projects people come up with, is amazing to say the least, making shelves out of an old boat, a desk out of large wire spools, handles out of old spoons, candle holders out of metal funnels, pot hanger out of a used bike wheel, a bench made with old shovel handles, the list can go on and on. Not only can you repurpose these used items into something new and usable but for the creative at heart you can make art out of recycled items.

My father used to make these lovely wind chimes out of antique silverware, they were rustic, sounded lovely and looked beautiful, yet it was such a simple and unique idea. We have become so accustomed to recycling everything in our lives from bottles, jars, cans, plastics, paper, magazines, cardboard, televisions, appliances and batteries and while that is a good thing to degree (despite the pollution recycling can also create), I think we often forget to purchase things that we can recycle into something else, we should be looking at buying goods made of natural materials that will recycle themselves through us (into art or a repurposed items), or that will recycle itself back into the earth.

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