12 Amazing Living Structures You Can Make

12 Amazing Living Structures You Can Make

These 12 Amazing Living Structures WILL amaze you and for those of you that have a little green-space, no doubt you may be thinking about what one you want to make too! Some of the structures will be easy enough for you to build while others, like the 'hugged by a tree', is perhaps a one of a kind.

The willow dome is, in fact, a live dome. Willow is fast growing and very flexible. This done is created using both live willows that will take on new green growth during the growing seasons along with cut willow that was used as well in building the structure. This dome looks pretty interesting even when it is not 'alive'.

The bean teepee is likey one of the easiest living structures to make. Beans are fast growing, and the teepee structure is just bamboo poles tied together at the top then spread out to form the tee pee. These you can purchase at most garden centers. Or, if you have access to making your own poles from growth in your yard, you can do that as well. Beans grow quickly. If you want to have the red flowers as part of your teepee, then choose the 'Scarlet Runner' bean. The Scarlet Runner is edible as well as ornamental. The plants can grow to 9feet! Their spread is about 18-inches. They give a colorful show of bright scarlet flowers. When done flowering, they produce slender bean pods that can be up to 8-inches in length. The kids not only get a great hide-out, they can also pick beans that you can cook up for dinner or a tee-pee picnic with a big bowl of beans. Lots of fun and maybe even a way to get the children to learn to love this vegetable if they don't already.

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