11-Year-Old Girl Shatters Climbing Records

11-Year-Old Girl Shatters Climbing Records

After watching this video, I wish to buy a time machine. “Time machine? The Apple app?” *silence*Oh my God. I’d rather talk to myself than to you. Oh wait! I am talking to myself! *winks* Well, the whole point here is that I want it to bring back the eleven-year-old me. This eleven-year-old rock climber makes me feel so… insecure. OK, wait. Give me an hour to cry and self-pity. *cries*How I wish I started my training at an early age! But well, what’s done is done as they say. Even though she makes me feel that way, I am still amazed at her rock climbing skills and achievements. Brooke Raboutu is truly an inspiration for our beginner athletes in rock climbing. But who are the world’s best rock climbers? Let’s find out, shall we?

According to Sameer Gupta, the top three best rock climbers that rocked the world are Chris Sharma, Steph Davis, and Catherine Destiville. Well, it’s unbelievable for me at first but, the top two and three rock climbers are both women. Yay! Girl power! Catherine Devistille is a French rock climber and mountaineer. She is the first woman to climb the ascent of Eiger’s North Face located in Switzerland. And you know what’s cool? She did it in less than 15 hours. I can’t even last 30 seconds. She used to be a physiotherapist. She becomes a professional rock climber, and her first competition is in 1985. She is now a successful speaker. The second best rock climber is Steph Davis. “She is one of the very few rock climbers (and one of the best!) that has managed to inspire youngsters of her age to pick up rock climbing as an activity for liberating soul and fear,” says Gupta. I guess that alone has made her one of the best! It’s about inspiring people, doing what you love and just be happy. Now I'm thinking about including Steph Davis in my list of inspiring athletes. What do you say? *winks*

And now, here comes the world’s best rock climber… and my ultimate crush. *blushes* Oh no, I love him already. I've already imagined my life with him. *silence* Forgive me. Well, so much for that. Ladies and gentlemen, the best ‘rocker’, Chris Sharma! At 14, Chris already decided that rock climbing is his passion. As much as I would like to enumerate all of his achievements, my mind won't allow me. My brain is not with me; they're in his abs. *winks” Anyway, have you seen the movie ‘King of Lines’? Not yet? That makes the two of us. The movie shows his life as a rock climber and his journey to building his career. He now lives in Spain.

Let me end this with a quote by Sharma, as quoted by Gupta, “Climbing is merely one of the ways to exist, pass the time and evolve and grow from one moment to the next. That’s all.”

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