1151 Sqft Marjahovi Home Plans Click to View Floor Plans

1151 Sqft Marjahovi Home Plans Click to View Floor Plans

The sweet and humble 1151 Sqft Marjahovi Home Plan is just the most charming log cabin. Log home and cabin plans are easy to find these days, but its when you find a company like House UK, with it's forward-thinking designs and concepts, that you know you have found something special. The log homes in their collection, including the Marjahovi log home, are all built with their innovative glulam logs that are made up of the best pieces of a log made into one unit. These individually crafted logs are crafted so that they have the highest insulation and the highest durability. The manufacturers use the heartwood, at the centre of the log, where it is the most substantial. The hand crafted units are then used just as logs, but they also have a perfected interlocking system manufactured into them so that they can have no spaces or cracks.

The Marjahovi is a beautiful little log home; you would never even guess it was a log home if you didn't know already. Usually, the corners of log homes are stacked, creating that very distinctive look of a log built cabin. But you will notice that their log home designs do not show this. They are interlocked in the same way a normal, traditional log home is, but, you don't see the log stacked corners. This is because House UK uses a square profile to finish the corners of the homes so that you can't even tell that the walls have been built with logs. They cover up the corners of the home to hide this. So for people who want a home built with logs, who would rather have a modernized look and appeal to their home, this is a great design to choose.

With a beautiful open and flowing floor plan in the main area of the home, this home would be perfect for living and entertaining in. A kitchen with an island is always a welcome sight when it comes to the modern kitchen. It makes a big difference to the whole feel of the home and doesn't make one feel like they are "stuck in the kitchen" when it is shared with the general living area of the home. The Marjahovi has two bedrooms in total with two bathrooms, and it is all laid out on the single floor. This makes the log home plan desirable for retirees looking to downsize, and for people who would rather not have stairs to climb every day. A beautiful deck is a wonderful addition to the home and beckons people to sit and enjoy a relaxing afternoon sipping iced tea and breathing in the fresh air. Each of the plans from House UK can be modified as needed so that the plans are up to the customer's standards and preferences.

To think that just only one hundred years ago, the prefabricated housing industry was just beginning, and now look at how it has flourished. There are companies all over the world selling modular log homes and cabins. The House UK company also sells plans and kits for granny annexes, which would be a backyard apartment, they also sell mobile homes for affordable prices, as well as holiday lodges. Log homes are known to be one of the best types of structures, and they are highly revered all over the world. Building a log home or cabin from House UK, gives you the best of both worlds, a strong and dependable log home, with the look and style of a modern, conventional house. Have a look at the many options on their website!

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