11 Years in 84 Square Feet: What Tiny Living Taught Dee Williams

11 Years in 84 Square Feet: What Tiny Living Taught Dee Williams

As life continues to get more complicated, there is a growing trend, especially among younger people who, apart from being priced out of a world they can't afford, feel cut off from a world they don't necessarily agree with, of reversion back to a simpler way of life. Dee Williams has spent the last 11 years living with her 350 possessions in a humble 84 square foot home near Olympia Washington and it has certainly taught her a few things.

Dee is a member of demographic of people who feel that imposing this sort of minimalism on themselves brings with it some transcendental realizations about space, the natural and material worlds and their place in it. Ergonomically designed, tailor-made micro dwellings that harness solar and wind energy, make use of composting toilets and maximize heat storage and distribution are fast becoming not only necessary, but desirable alternatives for people who afford to live with and around the inflated costs and sometimes toxic trappings of contemporary society, but who sense that there is something missing amidst the excess.

Around the world, but more noticeably in, for all intents and purposes, thriving Western Society, the realization that the planet's carrying capacity is far exceeded by our demands of it has triggered a sort of exodus from mainstream society that seeks to excise the dead and dying pieces of, for people like Dee Williams and many others, a sometimes overwhelmingly complicated and frenetic lifestyle.

People like Dee are trying to minimize their inputs into life in order to maximize their outputs and in the process hopefully achieve a much less invasive, much more mutually beneficial existence in nature and with their fellow human beings.

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