11 Tiny Houses That Will Make You Want To Live A Simpler Life

11 Tiny Houses That Will Make You Want To Live A Simpler Life

There is no shortage to the styles, plans and designs of tiny homes that are available, with something to suit every taste and preference. These "11 Tiny Houses That Will Make You Want To Live A Simpler Life" are sure to change the way you look at tiny house living.

Unique tiny houses are popping up all over the world, they represent a movement to a more simple and sustainable way of life. You'll want to take a look at these 11 tiny houses that will make you want to live a simpler life, in a tiny house you love. The first tiny house is two shipping containers side by side to make a fairly spacious living space, the dark wooden floors, white cupboards and white walls make the place feel spacious. The outdoor patio extends the interior living space outdoors into the surrounding forest. A tiny wooden house with a wall of recycled windows is beautifully set on a hill in the forest, with it's wooden floor and rustic appeal you'd never want to leave. A photos of the tiny house with the wall of windows at night is especially inviting. Another wooden tiny house is inviting with it's beautiful use of wood on the exterior and interior, giving the tiny house space a clean lined feeling that is both inviting and comfortable.

Another tiny house with an unusual shape and on stilts sits surrounded by mountains, it goes to show that the landscape that surrounds your tiny house is just as important as the space that is lived in, as the surrounding extend your inside living space outdoors, making your living space seem huge. The exterior of this unique tiny house on stilts looks a bit like cedar shakes, a very appealing look and inside light wood used throughout gives a modern and spacious feel. Then you have a tiny house with a weathered wood exterior, sits in a beautiful treeless landscape with mountains in the distance and a body of water close by. The interior looks spacious and inviting with a burning wood stove and lots of windows overlooking the beautiful scenery.

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