10 Unusual Tiny Homes

10 Unusual Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are creating a housing revolution where the people who are choosing to live in them are becoming more free by choosing to go small! Check out these Mini houses, a list of 10 of the top unusual tiny homes. There is nothing super new about living in a tiny house, it's the way people lived for centuries before the industrial revolution came about. Before then, people just lived in simple, small homes that suited their needs and had just enough room for it's occupants. Usually homes were passed on to the younger generations too, so they wouldn't have to worry about finding a new house.

Now, things have escalated, but people are seeing that if we don't rewind a bit, than we are going to go to a place of no return. So the tiny house movement is awesome for many reasons, but mainly because it will create less of a consumer based society, which is part of what is needed to turn things around, it seems we need to rewind a bit before we can move forward, in a more sustainable way. These homes, although, some would call them odd, are actually quite genius! They are innovative and creative and have just enough space for the owner.

I love the Mini House created by Michelle de la Vega, from a garage, she put in the things needed for a home and lifted it, and added onto it for a bathroom. The 250 square foot place is the perfect space for her, and she even has a loft for sleeping. The outside is a neutral grey shade, and fits in nicely with it's surroundings. The double doors opening out to the outside world, are perfect for opening up the space even more and creating a feeling of openness!

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