10 Tricks to Instantly Look More Attractive in Photos

10 Tricks to Instantly Look More Attractive in Photos

As far as social media becomes a part of people’s everyday routine, so do selfie’s and other photos taken randomly arise. Even if you are naturally looking good and love the way you look, it still takes time to get the perfect angle; that is why being a photogenic is a skill you need to totally master.

Below are some tricks to ponder to instantly look more attractive in Photos.

Add a Pop of Color

There are times that we can’t achieve the perfect angle we wish to achieve and it seems like everything is so dull. Worry no more and try adding a pop of color to look good. For girls, you may apply a shade of lipstick, or add some blush on. And boys, try to add wear some brighter shade color of your shirt.

Ditch the Drab Background

Always make sure that the background isn’t contradicting against you. Like for example, choose a background that is different from the outfit you are wearing or doesn’t match the shade of your hair.

Play with Props

Most of the time, holding props gives a vibrant outcome in a photo depending upon how you handle it. You may somehow try to grab a puppy and hold it in a sweater, hold a soda or any beverage etc. The key point is choose the proper props that suits you and your outfit.

Know Your Angle

In order to know your angle, it would be a good practice to look in a mirror and practice every different facial angle positioning. Once you will achieve the right angle, it would be easy for you to project a pose any time.

Elongate Your Neck

If you are fat or has a chubby face, elongating your neck makes your face appear thinner as well as hides away any possible double chin.

The Skinny Arm

You might be hearing reactions like “ OMG, my arms look so fat!”. To avoid this kind of fuzz and to achieve a skinny arm look in a photo, slightly tilt your arms slightly away from your body to avoid it looking flabbier.

Angle Your Body

If you are a chubby type of person, angling your body appropriately makes you look slimmer than the actual pose. To do this, stand up straight positioning to 45 degrees and place your one foot whichever you prefer and place your weight on the back leg.

This is usually referred to as winning pose.

Cross Your Ankles

A stance like this gives you a perfect appearance of longer hips as well as narrower hips which is considered as a sexy sitting pose.

Laugh (Even if It's Fake)

Throw a big laugh once you caught yourself unable to pose abruptly. This would highly appear awesome in photographs and classified as a wacky pose.

Take the Perfect Selfie

Now that you already know the different angles wherein you look good in posing, selfie would then be a very simple angle for you to master.

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