10 Tiny Houses That Are Filled With Serious Comforts

10 Tiny Houses That Are Filled With Serious Comforts

I could spend a lot of time just looking at all the original tiny homes that are scattered around the world, each one seems to be unique and a reflection of the owners needs and personality, along with the builders personality. These "10 Tiny Houses That Are Filled With Serious Comforts," will amaze you at how different each one is, all with elements that set them apart.

The first home, the Ragged Island Retreat is by architect Alex Scott Porter. This 550 square foot cabin is located on Ragged Island, Maine and was designed by the owners daughter when he retired. The off grid, eco friendly cabin, has a roof designed to feed in rainwater to a collection tank, solar panels, passive solar heating, grey water recycling, small propane tank for backup. The next home is the Nido, is a 96 square foot lakeside home in a beautiful forest setting. The great view from the 2 storey home in Finland was build without needing permits and cost just $10,500. Next is the One Tree House, using a tree that fell on her house during a storm, Nancy hired a logger to cut the tree into timber, then used the wood to build the 450 square foot cabin. The cabin has a studio layout, full bathroom, and laundry room.

Following the Rules, this house built in Asheville, North Carolina where you are allowed to build small houses of 150 square feet provided you meet certain requirements in your building sizes, this house ended up being a mere 240 square feet, and looks great. The River Side House, is built by Mizuishi Architect, Atelier, in Tokyo, Japan. The 300 square foot narrow home has a lower lever with a dining and kitchen area, and an upper level with two bedrooms, living area and loft for the kids to use as a play space, its hard to believe they fit all that in this little space.

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