10 Tiny House Tricks to Declutter Your Kitchen Counter

10 Tiny House Tricks to Declutter Your Kitchen Counter

Clutter is my enemy. When my house looks cluttered, I feel it; it clutters my mind. I live in quite a large home, and I find it extremely easy to create a lot of clutter. But imagine living in a tiny home, what the clutter must be like (I would constantly be questioning where can I put this?). Thankfully the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has 10 Tiny House Tricks to De-clutter Your Kitchen Counter (hopefully there are also articles with tricks to de-clutter your other spaces!).

The small home movement is one that has seen the size of ever-growing houses reduced to between 400-1000 square feet. Smaller still is the tiny home movement, with tiny homes being 400 square feet or less (in some cases, much less). Tumbleweed Tiny House Company from California designs and builds houses up to 887 square feet, and all the way down to 65 square feet in size. Many are homes permanently attached to trailers so they can be mobile, others are already on wheels.

No matter the size of your small or even tiny home, your kitchen isnt going to be large and expansive. A lot of living is done in the kitchen. I know it is one of the focal gathering points in my home. Dishes are done, meals are cooked, even conversations are had. But what about if your kitchen was half, or even a quarter of the size it is now? Where would you put everything? In a tiny kitchen, space is a luxury and one must often choose between needs (the necessities) and wants (any unnecessary items, like certain gadgets that make cooking a little easier). So, of course, the first trick to de-cluttering is to eliminate any gadgets that arent essential to your daily life. This is a tough one and you need to ask yourself the tough questions, like do I really need a microwave? (because having a microwave, for example, means not only sacrificing valuable counter space, but also becomes problematic if you dont have enough electricity or any electricity to power it; it could limit your availability or desire to live off-grid, for example). Essentially, you need to keep it simple and not overfill your space. Tiny living is, after all, about living a simpler, more fulfilling life.

There are other tricks like purchasing gadgets and appliances that serve multiple purposes (like a pot lid that doubles as a strainer, that you can also boil your water in for a cup of tea) and purchasing alternative appliances that consume less space (for instance, if you absolutely require coffee in the morning, rather than purchasing a machine, try an AeroPress which uses zero electricity and is only a fraction of the size of your standard machine).

There are other tricks like how to utilize shelving to your advantage and how to create more counter space. But the most important trick? Youll definitely want to check out the article to see number ten".

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