10 Tiny Homes You Can Actually Buy

10 Tiny Homes You Can Actually Buy

In a country where average house sizes are from 2,400 square feet and up; living in a tiny house might be not suitable for everyone. Most people could not imagine living in a 160 square feet area or less. In reality, people needs shelter, food and water. In the modern world that we're living today, everyone needs a place to sleep, clean running water, a way to cook your meals, a method of disposing your waste, and a place to wash yourself. Everything else seems luxury, and not actually a need. The charm of having a tiny house is that it provides everything you need like having the comforts of a large house but the advantage that it lessens your financial burden.

What is good about having a tiny house is that you are free from debt. "Death contract" or mortgage in French, is actually a burden. Most people spend their salary and savings just paying off their house, spending almost twice the original cost due to the interest. Is this the life you are facing today? This is the reality! By now, you might be thinking and worried of the space. It sounds hard to host a family dinner, a party or any family gatherings in a small area. Before you leave yourself to all the trappings of a big house life, realize that there is an upside to all these challenges.

Many people get caught up worry about what a tiny house looks like. Perhaps you might have some perspective already, but if not, try checking out these coming ideas. You can check out "Tiny House Listings" for this 128 square foot teeny in Tennessee, a 273 square foot mini Maine dwelling, a 32 square foot itty bitty wonder shack in Massachusetts, a relatively spacious square footer in Maine, a 198 square foot baby cabin on wheels in Colorado and a lot more. Have fun!

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