Top 10 Log Cabin Kits #3 2000 Sqft Only $48,900 Must See these Floor Plans

Top 10 Log Cabin Kits #3 2000 Sqft Only $48,900 Must See these Floor Plans

Check out Octagon Homes’ list of Top 10 Log Cabin Kits, number three is a 2000 square foot home for only $48,900, and you really must see these floor plans. There’s bathrooms on both floors, a large, open concept kitchen and living space, and plenty of room for all your kin folk. The cabin in the picture includes chink log siding and thermal break walls, and angle windows are optional.

Consider the possibilities of owning this beautiful kit. You just need a small plot of land in the woods or near the lake and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous getaway for cottage season, or hunting season, or every season. This ‘cabin’ is actually large enough to be a year round home, and at this price, you just can’t lose. If you’re a hands-on, do-it-yourselfer, and you’re in the market for a first home, why not order this kit and build your dream home at your dream location? It’s only twenty-one dollars per square foot when you erect the home yourself. Not very handy when it comes to construction? Don’t worry about it. Connor Construction has you covered, and the price of installation is included in the shell price of this home. Delivery and assembly is available everywhere east of Mississippi, and in some areas west of Mississippi. The site requirements are simple: make sure your driveways and parking areas are at the main level, gravelled and a minimum of ten feet wide. Your culverts are thirty feet long, and you’ll need to rent a boom truck with a crane (seventeen ton capacity). For the crane to operate properly, there needs to be a twenty by twenty-eight foot level area not more than twenty feet from the foundation, and clear of trees and power lines. Apart from a few other minor details, Connor Construction will take care of the rest.

Imagine yourself retiring in this gorgeous cabin. Imagine yourself kicking back in the spacious interior and enjoying a quiet evening with your loved ones. Now imagine yourself bringing your new family here for a taste of the outdoors. Finally, imagine a new life away from the hustle and bustle of the city—you’re surrounded by the sounds and smells of the forest, and you’re one with the world and all of creation. If any of these appeal to you, I urge you to click the link below, and check out Octagon homes—take a good look around their site, there’s something for everybody.

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