The Historic Crystal Mill

The Historic Crystal Mill

Ready for a little bit of history? Behold the Historic Crystal Mill, one of the most photographed sites in Colorado. This rugged little hut is perched on the side of a river cliff, and looks like it has been that way for quite some time. This Crystal Mill is not going anywhere. The log structure, showing its signs of age, can be seen in photos all over the internet, as it has always created an appealing photo op for many people throughout the ages. Some of the photos you can see here, are stunning, and each person has taken their own angle and perspective on the log mill. What beautiful photos people have took to honour this building. Some are simply breathtaking and share so much with the viewer. The beautiful Crystal River flowing by and the trees all around seem to all be intermingling so naturally with the building. Such a beautiful site to see. This is why people love places like this, they can tell us so much.

The Crystal Mill is called such because of the river which it is situated on, but has been also inaccurately called the Dead Horse Mill, but it was never historically called that. Though it had been called the Lost Horse Mill or Millsite. In the past, it was mainly called the Sheep Mountain Power House, which was actually a compressor station, which used a water turbine to power an air compressor which was used to power tools and machinery. Built in 1893 by George C. Eaton and B.S. Phillips, and was originally built for the Sheep Mountain Tunnel and Mining Company to be a power plant to power the tools of the mine's workers. It stopped being used in 1917 when the silver mine closed.

This just goes to show how strong and durable these log structures can be. This building has withstood many cold winters and hot summers, perched on the rocks on the bank of the Crystal River for decades, without crumbling to the ground and falling away into the river. Logs are such a wonderful building material that age very gracefully, as you can see. There are many layers to them and with this brings a very long life and a strong sense of durability. Even the ladder leading down to the water is impressively made! Can you imagine what it looked like at it's prime?

What an impressive building with so much character, and probably so many stories held within the wooden walls. It just fits in so nicely with all of the trees and rocks and the river. It looks like it totally belongs there, because it has been there for so long. If there is any doubt that log buildings are not strong and long lasting, this is definite proof that they truly are possibly the most durable kind of building out there. Along with stone, these kinds of log structures can, as you can see, last decades, possibly even hundreds of years. Logs are just that strong, not to mention beautiful.

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