Rustic Log Sofa

Rustic Log Sofa

Rustic is just one adjective capable of describing this unique, sturdy, natural rustic log sofa. More than just a receptacle to support backsides, this stunning piece of furniture was designed with form and function in mind, capable of giving your home, cottage, office - or any abode worthy of earthy charm and character - an enchanted facelift. This distinctive piece comes to us from Marshfield Furniture, a thirteen-year-old American woodcrafting business, nestled between Seattle and Portland along the banks of the Columbia River.

This visually striking sofa - useful for horizontal TV appreciation, an intimate chat, or simply as a waiting room homage to the forest - is a wooden masterpiece that says so much more than IKEA. Each log in its wooden frame is kiln dried, ensuring both ruggedness and long life, while its simple and beautiful urethane finish is a testament to the harmonious blending of rawness and refinement.

Direct from Marshfield Furniture's Wilderness Series, this glorious appointment is custom built in the U.S.A. and demonstrates an artisanal attention to detail while rendering a sculptural dynamic to an otherwise pedestrian home furnishing. Reflecting a refined yet simple taste this handcrafted sofa is customizable to the tune of both size and style elements, including cushion fabric that is available in a variety of colours in over 200 styles, in addition to seven leather options. Marshfield also offers shipping for a small fee. Customers are encouraged to inquire directly about shipping requirements for specific pieces or custom fittings.

Marshfield also takes custom orders, including both hand drawn image outlines from clients, and pieces created from scratch in collaboration with client needs, dimensions, and style requirements. Furnishings are guaranteed for five years with manufacturer warranty though Andy - MF's central builder - has a hefty ten years of experience building log homes before he turned his talents to furniture. Just saying, he's pretty good.

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