Magestic Log Home for Sale for Est. Mortgage only $1,651 per Month, Must LOOK!

Magestic Log Home for Sale for Est. Mortgage only $1,651 per Month, Must LOOK!

Do you live in North Carolina? Are you thinking about moving to North Carolina? North Carolina has beautiful land, and also something else. A little-hidden surprise that is getting a lot of attention right now for its beauty and uniqueness. If you are moving and are looking for a new house. This may just be the one for you.

This Amazing Log Cabin house is located on 138 Silver Tree Lane in Lake Lure North Carolina. This beautiful hand crafted homes, was recently built in 2013 and is complete with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 3750 Square Feet and sits on a gracious 1.36-acre piece of land. Breathtaking 360-degree views can be seen from anywhere around the house. A covered party deck, and wet bar, with a lot of deck space is optimal for an amazing get together, there is room for all of your family to come and celebrate your new beautiful home! This is truly a house that must be seen in person to appreciate all the beauty it holds.

Three bed, bath, and a good chunk of land, for a custom built home sounds like a dream doesn't it? Sound like something that is a little too expensive though? For a house such as this in another state like California, you could be paying upwards towards a million dollars. Although this house is listed at only $449,500! That is such a steal for this beautiful home!

You really would need to see the property in order to appreciate all the aspects. This house also has a few features that would be appealing to anyone. Not only is this beauty close to a school, but its inside city limits, the street is paved, it is a two-story house with a basement, it sits up high enough that you have a view of the a mountain range off in the distance, and the utilities that come with it are all completely finished!

These include a septic sewer tank, heating and cooling, appliances such as a compactor, dishwasher, dryer, oven, wall oven, cook top, disposal, generator, fridge, and washer. Also, the water supply for this house comes from your own private well. This house is also in limits for Wi-Fi connections, along with that, the location is only a hop, skip and a jump away from town, and the lake. If you would like to see pictures, and read more about all the amazing features this house has to offer, please visit the link below!

This house is a beautifully handcrafted work, which is sure to not be available forever! Make your move now, and move into the beautiful state of North Carolina, and into this dream log cabin home! Please visit the 'Grey Beard Realty' website just below if you want to know more.

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