Forest Fire Micro Cabin Could Be An Awesome Tiny House

Forest Fire Micro Cabin Could Be An Awesome Tiny House

You'll want to see this "Forest Fire Micro Cabin Could Be An Awesome Tiny House" with it's unique and modern design. With so many tiny house designs, styles, plans and sizes available it's still always fun to see another original design.

This forest fire micro cabin would make an incredible tiny house. Its situated in an amazing landscape with incredible views because the purpose of this micro cabin iis to monitor forest fires. The micro cabin consists of about 172 square feet inside with a 129 square foot patio/terrace outside. This micro cabin is quite beautiful in its design, everything on the exterior of the micro cabin fold up or down, so when you are away, the cabin is locked up and all the windows and glass doors are covered. When you come back to the micro cabin the window coverings fold up (and also serve as a bit of overhead covering for the windows). The patio also does the same, folding up into the micro cabin when away, and back down for when in use. You'll really want to take a look at this unique, modern and clean lined micro, it really is amazing.

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