Convertible Greenhouses for the Gardening Enthusiast

Convertible Greenhouses for the Gardening Enthusiast

Now that spring has arrived, gardeners are ready to knock the dust off their garden gloves and get this going! We just need to wait awhile longer for the temperature of the air and the soil to warm up. You may be considering a portable greenhouse this season. A greenhouse allows you to start earlier and go longer with the growing season. Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes and you can make your own from a kit, or out of salvage materials, or you can purchase convenient small portable greenhouses.

Let's talk about the benefits. Here is what you can look forward to. You will provide a controlled environment for your seedings and plants. You can keep your plants sheltered from those early morning frosts, the wind, and heavy rains. You will have the opportunity to grow your seedlings with better success. A little greenhouse is a great way to keep out unwanted friends like rabbits, deer, mice, and birds.

When it comes to insects, you will avoid some, but insects still have a way of sneaking in when there are fresh veggies growing. This controlled environment will help you keep better control on this.

Let's face it fellow gardeners, it is also fun! And for the small scale, gardener that is a great part of why we garden. We all know now that we can grow abundant amounts if small controlled garden spaces, so this is just one more edge we get to work with.

There are things you will need to watch for in your greenhouse such as too much humidity as a highly humid environment can cause plant disease. If your greenhouse gets too hot, you will cook your plants. You will also have more chance of your soil drying out, especially in raised beds, so you will have to get a good watering regime going. The closed environment can also breed and harbor insects. These are all conditions that you can prepare yourself for, learning how to use your greenhouse properly, such as opening the door on very hot days to create ventilation.

Location, location, location. This is an important consideration to aid with all the challenges that we just mentioned.

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